Camilla Kitchen

stories you can taste

Camilla Kitchen takes Mary Camilla Judson from the shelves to the kitchen in an effort to feed both minds and bellies. Honoring her example of doing it all, exceptionally well, and with a flair, we feature unique coffee drinks, a plethora of baked goods, an ever-changing lunch menu, and a curated selection of wine and beer. It’s important to us that everything we do and use comes from real people with their own stories. Between the ingredients we gather, the recipes we use, and the people that do the making and eating, a million stories are combined into something new. And we think you can taste the difference.

Meet Teryi Youngblood Musolf

Teryi grew up in the kitchens of her mother and grandmother in Pickens, SC, following the solid example of the home cooks in her life, as well as the great Julia Child on TV. Cookbooks have always been her passion, her source for technique, inspiration, and creativity. Her first job in Greenville was in the kitchen of Bistro Europa, a Main Street forerunner in chef-driven food. From there, she spent a decade as the pastry chef for Table 301 (where she made 3 billion white chocolate banana cream pies), finally becoming the chef de cuisine for her own restaurant concept, Passerelle Bistro, the French-inspired restaurant in Falls Park. 

While there, she was the first chef to partner with M. Judson in our first Sunday Sit Down Supper with Pat Conroy. We wept when she told her story of making Pat’s recipe for pound cake, along with everybody else seated around her gracious table. In 2016, Teryi was named South Carolina’s Chef Ambassador. Also in 2016, Teryi married fellow chef, Steven Musolf, and soon left the kitchen to spend more time with her family. 

We count ourselves incredibly lucky to have tempted her back from semi-retirement to run the show for Camilla Kitchen. Her food is seasonally-inspired genius.

Why the Wine?

You may have noticed that for a bookstore, we sell a fair share of wine. We don’t just think that the two go well together (though we do), we think that the stories within the wines–their makers and vineyards, the vines and climate–give them just as much a spot on our shelves as the stories we preserve in ink. All our wines are brought to you by Mission Grape: a local wine distributor focused on high-quality wine. We are proud that our wines are all sourced through Mission Grape. This isn’t mass-produced, soulless stuff. It’s brought to market by small-grower, biodynamic, family farms: people who love people, and wine.
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