The Hobbit: Or There and Back Again

“The quintessential children’s adventure book. This was one of my favorites growing up. It has all the heart, richness, and lore of the LOTR universe, while still being accessible to […]

Lord of Shadows

“The second installment in The Dark Artifices will definitely leave you wanting more! Fast paced, urban fantasy, and action packed! Watch the teens of L.A. fight demons as they try […]


“Louis Zamperini’s true tale of resilience is unlike any you’ve heard before. Olympian-turned-soldier, Zamperini is pushed to the limits of endurance. His is a story of tragedy and triumph and […]

Salvation on Snake Mountain

“This book is the definitive sneak peak into snake-handling churches– one of the first significant inside looks & maybe one of the last. Covington’s mission as a journalist thrust him […]

Deaf Republic

“Read p.3. Then understand why this National Book Award finalist is both timely and urgent.” – Kathleen Buy on Bookshop

Running with Scissors

“One of my favorite memoirs — readers can’t help but love these characters and laugh out loud at their all-embracing antics.” – Ana Buy on Bookshop

Out of Left Field

“This story is in the middle of the space race in the late 1950s and stars the strength of a girl who won’t take no for an answer. Katey wants […]

Britt-Marie Was Here

“Ever just want to break out of your comfort zone? Well Britt-Marie does just that! She is a quirky hot mess but I can totally relate to her. I laughed […]

The Black Dahlia

“Golden age of hard-boiled crime fans will love this one. This is the first book in Ellroy’s classic LA Quartet (which includes LA Confidential). It is based on the true […]

New World Sourdough

“Introducing your new celebrity chef crush. Ford’s accessible recipes will have you reviving the sourdough starters you abandoned last year and reaching new baking heights.” – Alyssa Buy on Bookshop