The Awakening

“The book that made me fall in love with classic lit and feminism! A deeply empowering & beautiful read that I cannot recommend highly enough.” – Kaitlyn Buy on Bookshop

Everything Happens For a Reason

“This is one of those books that leaves me squarely in a state of awe and wonder. Kate Bowler manages to be wise, measured, and often very funny about living […]


“Great for when you want a fairy tale. A magical realist fable by the great Alice Hoffman. Sometimes you just need a story about a girl with an odd name […]

Alias Grace

“Made into a fantastic 6-hour mini-series, this book is inspired by the true story of convicted murderer Grace Marks. Stream on Netflix, then read and compare!” Buy on Bookshop

My Husband’s Wife

“Secrets, lies, manipulation, murder, and lots of plot twists. This one is a page turner!” – Gina Buy on Bookshop

Handmade Gatherings

“Sometimes we wish we could be Ashely English when we grow up. This book offers blueprints for 16 seasonal parties, from the decor to the recipes to the little crafty […]

Notes from Underground

“For lovers of dystopia and those who question the status quo. Dosty challenges nihilism and egosim with this unreliable narrator. One of the first existentialist novels questions why 2 + […]

Guess How Much I Love You

“Great for when you love someone so much, but you can’t find the words. Playful prose and sweet illustrations will touch your heart as you find ways to show your […]

The Westing Game

“An eccentric, game loving millionaire has chosen sixteen strangers to inherit his vast fortune… if only they participate in one last puzzle. Fans of illusion, word play and sleight of […]