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Pop-up Supper: Comal 864

Comal 864 will be at M. Judson at 5 pm* on Wednesday, March 10 offering a delicious meal for just $12.95. This is the most authentic Mexican you’ll get this side of the border. You don’t even have to think about it; all you have to do is show up at the bookstore. You can eat it here or get it to-go, and you can add drinks and desserts from Camilla Kitchen. You’ll be glad you did! Bienvenidos!!


Birriaramen – instant noodles with hot broth & tender birria de res, dressed with onion, cilantro & a lime wedge

Vegetarian Birriaramen – instant noodles with a vegetable hot broth & grilled cactus, dressed with onion. cilantro & a lime wedge

Spicy option available will include crushed hot cheetos & a drizzle of chili oil

All orders will come with a side of chips and salsa.


Here’s how Pop-up Suppers work.

We always feature local restaurants. The restaurant changes each week.

It’s always hosted at M. Judson.

It’s always one plate, one price: $12.95.

There’s always a vegetarian option.

It’s always on Wednesdays at 5.

You can always add drinks and dessert.

*Please note: The chefs prepare a limited number of meals. When we run out (and we almost always do), it’s over.


Mar 10 2021


5:00 pm




M. Judson
130 S Main St Greenville, SC 29601
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