Furman on Main

Way back in the late 1800s, Mary Camilla Judson was the first Lady Principal of Greenville’s Female College, which would later become Furman University. Over a hundred years later, a bookstore under her name would make a partnership with Furman’s first female president Elizabeth Davis to give Furman a place downtown.

M. Judson Booksellers is proud to carry on the legacy of Mary Camilla Judson and honor her contribution to the history of Furman University. As such, we sell merchandise unique to our location and house books published by Furman faculty and alumni. Whether you’re Furman affiliated or not, we think you’ll find something of interest in this section, as the topics and stories covered by these Furman authors range from parenting advice to hiking memoirs, love poems to collected short stories, dragon tales to observations on grief.

Wine Glasses
Mary Camilla Judson