Virtual Dinner Party with Vivian Howard

Grab a date and a screen and join us on Friday, November 6 at 7 pm for a Virtual Dinner Party with author Vivian Howard featuring her newest book, This Will Make it Taste Good.

If you’re like us, sometimes you pandemically wonder when life will feel good again. We can’t say when things will feel good, but Vivian can sure make things taste good, and that’s half the battle right there. Vivian will introduce us to some of her favorite “food heroes” that add a simple, big punch of flavor to any meal while still making the most of your time in the kitchen. It’s guaranteed to be yummy. If we stop right there, it’s just a conversation, not a dinner party.

We’re not stopping there.

Chef Rodney from Soby’s New South Cuisine Is putting together the take-out meal of your dreams inspired by Vivian’s recipes and her famous restaurant, The Chef and the Farmer. Your ticket includes the book, a ready-to-assemble dinner for two, and the dinner party invitation. Our very own fabulous Ashley Warlick will moderate a lively discussion with Vivian. We are all going to dine together (at our own screens and homes), enjoying the same food and listening to the same scintillating dinner conversation. It’ll just be virtual.

Tickets are $85. Click here to register.

If you’re curious about how this is going to work, this is how it will go: Stop by Soby’s Table 301 Kitchen (22 E. Court St.) sometime between 2 and 6 pm on November 6 to pick up your portable dinner party pack.  This includes one copy of This Will Make it Taste Good and everything you need to make (aka assemble) dinner for two.  For an extra $15, you can add a bottle of wine.  Log in with us at 7 and join in our cook-along with Vivian and Ashley.  Well, it’s really more like an assembly-along; no actual cooking is required.Enjoy the dazzling dinner, drinks, and conversation.That’s all there is to it!