Hug this Book!

“Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to hug a book?! Kids will love hearing all the different and silly thing you can do with a book. I just love this […]

The Old Truck

“The truck is integral to the family in various ways throughout the years. Simple and poetic text with great imagery on every page. Anyone at any age will be touched […]

I am a Wolf

“This adorable wolf is adamant that he’s NOT cute. Kids will love the story – each page has lots of engaging illustrations. Kids will love wolf and totally disagree with […]

Guess How Much I Love You

“Great for when you love someone so much, but you can’t find the words. Playful prose and sweet illustrations will touch your heart as you find ways to show your […]

Mirabel’s Missing Valentines

“Adorable book with the sweetest message that kindness and thoughtfulness touch more people than we realize. Great book to read and then make Valentine cards for friends.” – Debi Buy […]

Can You See Me?

“The use of abstract art challenges kids’ minds and, at times, mine 🙂 Kids are usually able to ‘see it’ before we can! Read & learn.” – Debi Buy on […]

Red House, Tree House

“Remember Go, Dog, Go? This book is a modern day version. Simple, engaging, modern day classic!” – Debi Buy on Bookshop

Rumple Buttercup

“Rumple Buttercup is strange. He’s not quite like you or me, but that’s what makes him special! A great message for any age! Viva la weird!” – Lisa Buy on […]

The Scarecrow

“I promise you will fall in love with this book. Great book to add to any classic book collection. The plot is simple yet the message is powerful. The ultimate […]


“Bold colors equals great for newborns. Great illustrations and concepts equals great for toddlers!” – Debi Buy on Bookshop