Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

“What? You haven’t read this?? Fantastic, hysterical–an unintentional vision quest turned bedrock of gonzo journalism, this gross and exhilarating trip experiences everything and teaches nothing.” – Kate Buy on Bookshop

Dark Star Safari

“Amazing writing about the unknowns of a beautiful & complex continent. A travelogue and unintended guide book. It made me want to go to Africa, so I did! A great […]


“Great for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to leave everything behind and take a (real long) walk into the woods. Spoiler Alert: you learn an […]

Lonely Planet Morocco

“This lovely country boasts a cosmopolitan history and is Europe’s gateway to Africa. Take this book with you as you ride camels in Marrakesh, shop in Tangier’s bazaars, and cool […]

Into Thin Air

“You think you’re cold?!? The author’s first person account of a horrific Mt. Everest storm and its impact on the season’s climbers and their attempts to summit. ‘You may as […]

Seven Years in Tibet

“A larger than life adventure which follows the author after he’s arrested in India as WWII breaks out, and his subsequent escape from a POW camp into free Tibet where […]

Our Towns

“Great for folks who need a dose of optimism. We’re bombarded with America’s problems daily – here’s another look at the real people and communities across America who are finding […]

A Walk in the Woods

Great for people who are curious about how someone who had never hiked before and was bad out of shape wrote what has become THE book about the Appalachian Trail. […]

Notes from a Small Island

Follow this quirky author as he travels through Great Britain one last time before moving back to the US. You’ll fall in love with this part of the world for […]