Dear Friends:

We’re practicing a lot of things these days: social distancing, regular hand washing, desperation yoga and early cocktail hours. Also hopefulness, and gratitude. We are so very grateful for the ways the Greenville community has supported the changing approach of this bookstore. You’ve reached out on Instagram and chatted on our website, called for recommendations and gift cards, stock checks and mental health checks. Thank you— for caring about us now, and for caring about our future.

In the interest of helping people stay at home, we’ve decided to suspend our curbside service in favor of local delivery. One person making many stops feels better than many of you making one. So keep calling us. We’re happy to check our shelves or special order what you need. We’ll deliver it to you locally, or ship it to if you’re farther afield. For free. Things move out pretty fast— we make a stop at the PO every day, and friends in Charlotte are seeing their box the day after. 

 We’re also continuing to encourage you to develop a habit.  This site is a great associative resource for books, and everything you purchase when you use our link benefits M. Judson— no matter where you find it. It’s really the indie bookstore answer to Amazon, as well as your esoteric philosophy habit, your wish for 19th century Italian poets or the book you’ve been looking for about French Bulldogs. Go check it out. We promise it’s good stuff.

We’re still getting new books in stock (and new puzzles!) and we love putting together care packages, finding gifts and goodies, making packages pretty. It’s the little things right now that feel best.

Stay tuned. There’s always more to come.

M.Judson Booksellers