Reading Challenge

12 Months. 12 Books.

Welcome to the M. Judson Booksellers Reading Challenge, where we break you out of your comfort zone and take you places you never thought you’d go. 

For this year’s challenge, we’re sending you around the world, whichever way you want to do it. For each month, we’ve chosen a spot on the map. You get to pick a book that explores it. It could be something set there, about there, written by someone from there, or maybe a character just passes through there at some point. 

As you select your books for the year, you will also need to read at least one memoir, one novel, one collection of stories, one collection of poetry, one history, one children’s book, one classic, one crime novel or true crime story, one award winner, one debut, one book by a native speaker, and one book published in 2024. 

You still read 12 books, and you visit twelve different places on the page, but you really get to choose your own adventure across the genres. Submit your reading choice here. For extra credit and to share the fun, post to your social media account with the hashtag #mjreads2024.

At the end of the year, we’ll gather the names of those who finished all 12 months and draw a winner for a big bag of books and a gift card. Everyone who finishes will be invited to a celebratory party!

This challenge is about more than upping your reading for the year. It’s about being an adventurous reader for life. Are you up for the challenge?

Submit Your Reading

Finished a book? Log your reading here to make sure we have your progress on file!

*Even if you are posting on social media, please log your books here as well. With the massive amount of people now participating in the challenge each year, we don’t want to miss a single entry! This is the best way to ensure we don’t.