When the Heart Waits

“Great for people in times of transitions. Written during an insecure time in her own life, Monk Kidd offers guidance and hope for those practicing, the art of waiting to […]

Scar Lover

“Great for the half dozen show-stopping scenes, Harry Crews is probably the forgotten dark stuntman of Southern letters. This is a good place to start.” – Ashley Buy on Bookshop

Milk and Honey

“Honest and unembellished. For anyone who has experienced trauma, grief, loss, and the possible miracle of recovery.” – Allie Buy on Bookshop


“This book changed my life! Susan Cain collects qualitative & quantitative data to unravel a faulty western concept that quietness & introversion are weaknesses. I learned about my own patterns […]


“This takes place in a forest in the Pacific Northwest with talking animals – need I say more?!” – Gretchen Buy on Bookshop

Sharp Objects

“When you need a can’t-put-down thriller. Soon to be an HBO series starring Amy Adams. A reporter recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital returns home to solve the murder of […]

How Not to Die

“Dr. Greger is the expert on dietary prevention and reversal of disease! I recommend his book to my family, my friends, and all my patients.” – Dr. Elizabeth Morris, MD […]

Howards End

“Get ready to fall in love with the Schlegel sisters. As these women struggle against the strict constraints of Victorian society, can they build the lives that they want? A […]

Hug this Book!

“Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to hug a book?! Kids will love hearing all the different and silly thing you can do with a book. I just love this […]