The Testing (book 1)

“A post-war civilization develops the Testing, a program to select the best new graduates as leaders of the country. Cia is hoping to be chosen – little does she know […]

The Darkest Minds

“What would you do if widespread illness caused most of the teen population to either die, or get super powers? Follow the story of this group of young adults as […]

The Handmaid’s Tale

“I can’t believe how applicable this book is today even though it was written in 1984. Atwood does a fantastic job of creating a realistic dystopia. It is an eye-opener […]

The Power

“You read Barak Obama’s 2018 book pick (Becoming by Michelle Obama!), now read his from 2017. Teenage girls suddenly develop an immense, deadly power and the world’s hierarchy is reset. […]

Red Queen

“Divided by not only social class, but the color of their blood, the ‘Reds’ of Norta have a rough life, but what happens when one of their own has a […]

American War

“Original, thought-provoking, and unforgettable, El Akkad imagines America’s Second Civil War–this time based on the use of fossil fuels–and the displacement and chaos that it causes. More, this is a […]


Great for lovers of post-apocalyptic survival. Imagine the sun dying to an ember. This page turner, set largely in the Carolinas, is original and brims with unexpected twists and turns. […]