The Art of Eating

“Arguably the first woman to write about her own (lush, passionate) life through the lens of food and the pleasures of the table. A must read.” – Ashley Buy on […]

The White Album

“This ‘journalistic’ mosaic captures the magic and paranoia of the 60s and 70s. With such a wide range of topics reported on, this collection is for the reader nostalgic for […]

South and West

“Filled with insights (all still relevant) of the deep South and California, these notes from a never written story struck a resonant chord.” – Lisa Buy on Bookshop

Home Cooking

“Laurie Colwin is the smart, sharp, very real woman we all wish we could be in the kitchen. Her stories sing, and her recipes work.” – Ashley Buy on Bookshop

Burn the Ice

“A food journalist writes about the hidden history of your favorite food trends of the last 15 years. Each chapter focuses on a different chef, following their culinary journey triumph […]

A Walk in the Woods

Great for people who are curious about how someone who had never hiked before and was bad out of shape wrote what has become THE book about the Appalachian Trail. […]

Notes from a Small Island

Follow this quirky author as he travels through Great Britain one last time before moving back to the US. You’ll fall in love with this part of the world for […]

Gather at the River

This anthology of fishing stories by SO MANY NYT Best-selling authors is not just for those seeking the big catch, but for anyone who wants to feel connected to humanity. […]